With the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, users from all walks of life can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in wireless network coverage areas through smart devices. While the popularization of wireless network applications brings convenience to enterprises, it also brings information Security Risk. Therefore, building a safe, stable and easy-to-manage wireless network is very important for enterprises.

Compaw uses wireless controllers, APs, firewalls, and wireless management systems to design highly available and scalable wired and wireless converged network solutions for enterprises. Through centralized management functions, it can achieve a safer, more stable and controllable corporate network, which can be effective Avoid information security risks.

Compaw mainly (but not limited to) the distribution of electrical parts, components, equipment, fiber optic tools and cables.

Compaw Solutions is committed to providing competitive quality products and services, and well-known brands in these categories:

Electronic and electrical components
Test equipment and laboratory instruments
Optical fiber and cable
Personal Protective Equipment
Telecommunication tools and testers
Manufacturing and maintenance work

Compaw global partners enable the company to provide a wide range of products, from small electronic components to professional fiber optic tools and processing services, which come from global distributors and factories.

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