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Campus Research Network Expansion

Campus network refers to the use of network equipment, appropriate networking technologies and protocols, communication media, and various system software and application management software to organically integrate various terminal equipment and computers on the campus, and use them for teaching, scientific research, and school Computer local area network system for management and other aspects. In recent years, with the rapid development of network technology and the acceleration of higher education reforms year by year, modern higher education is developing in the direction of network teaching, distance teaching, and sharing of educational resources. The campus network has shown the following key characteristics, prompting many universities to continuously upgrade and improve the campus network and its information applications.

The focus of subsequent school informatization construction will shift from the guarantee of basic network conditions to the application of information technology. Through the application of information technology as an auxiliary means in various teaching and management scenarios of the school, the quality of talent training in the school is improved. Realize the transformation of teaching diagnosis reform from traditional data statistics and manual analysis to intelligent academic early warning, intelligent data profiling, and intelligent business-driven direction.