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Because DWDM technology has the characteristics of high density, high speed and high capacity, it has been very popular in recent years, and in the future, it will be the core technology of long-distance communication transmission.

10G DWDM long-distance transmission solutions are widely used, such as SDH/SONET, PDH, Ethernet, SAN, LAN, video, etc. The solution is scalable and can provide sufficient flexibility in any network topology (end-to-end, mesh, ring); and is extremely cost-effective, and the solution can be adjusted within the user’s budget.

CWDM uses coarse wavelength division multiplexing technology to reorganize fiber optic networks, supports flexible and transparent access of multiple speeds and multiple services, effectively saves fiber resources and networking costs, and solves the problems of fiber shortage and transparent transmission of multiple services. It is mainly used in the convergence and access layer of the metropolitan area network, which can transmit multiple signals in parallel on one optical fiber, and can construct the network and carry out business in a short time.

As an economical and practical short-distance WDM transmission system, CWDM has advantages in system cost, performance and maintainability compared with DWDM. CWDM technology’s optical multiplex section protection and other functions can improve network security and business recovery capabilities, so it is the most reliable, safe and reasonable metropolitan area network transmission solution.