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The optical fiber is directly connected to the user’s home, and its bandwidth, wavelength, and transmission technology are not restricted, and it is suitable for introducing various new services. It is the most ideal service transparent network and the ultimate way of access network development.

Although mobile communications are developing at an amazing speed, people still seek fixed terminals with relatively superior performance due to their limited bandwidth, the size of the terminal may not be too large, and the limited display screen, which means that people still want to achieve fiber-to-the-home. The charm of fiber-to-the-home is that it has a huge bandwidth, and it is the best solution to the “last mile” bottleneck from the Internet backbone to the user’s desktop.

This optical fiber communication method and strategy is also different from FTTN (fiber to the node), FTTC (fiber to the curb), HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial), etc. They all need to rely on traditional metal wires, including twisted pair and Coaxial cables, etc., are used for the “last mile” information transmission.

By using effective equipment from well-known companies such as Huawei and Ericsson, Compaw provides a wide range of FTTH solutions.