How to make better use of data assets, play their biggest role, and make businesses grow continuously, has become the most concerned issue of many enterprises. The establishment of the data center is to comprehensively, centrally, proactively and effectively manage and optimize the IT infrastructure, realize the high manageability, high availability, high reliability and high scalability of the information system, and ensure the smooth operation of the business and the service Deliver in time.

The core data processing equipment placed in the data center is the brain of the enterprise. Integrated wiring is particularly important as its physical infrastructure construction, and it has become one of the key factors for the success or failure of network construction! How to build a safe, efficient, and unified physical basic platform for the data center is the core of the data center cabling.

The wiring system of the data center needs to effectively support the replacement of the third-generation active equipment. At the same time, data centers need to be able to support high-speed data transmission and storage, and the capacity of single files is also increasing. In this way, it is necessary to choose an advanced wiring system. It will ensure that within a considerable period of time, there is no need to replace or upgrade the wiring system itself.

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